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Sombra Ultrajante Filas Nutrition Program

The nutrition program that Sombra Ultrajante Filas uses in our kennel is a compilation of many years of having researched and tested various feeding programs, dog foods, and supplement programs. We do not claim to be a nutritionist, a veterinarian, or an expert in the field of the canine diet. We do, however, know that the nutrition program we are using with our dogs has proven itself to be of the highest quality. This program has given our dogs the best nutrition, health, energy, skin, and coat vitality that we have ever experienced with our beloved dogs. Since beginning this program, we are seeing the results here at home, when we are involved in athletic activities, at working events, and in the show ring. Another fila kennel is using a program that is almost identical and is experiencing the same results. As a result of repeated requests from our friends, clients, and fellow canine enthusiasts, we have compiled this article in order to share our nutrition program with others. As with many programs that involve the health of your dog, you should always consult your veterinarian, before implementing any nutrition program.

Components of our nutrition program


We have chosen to feed kibble that is grain free, has no soy, and has no corn, to all our dogs. It has been our experience, most especially with the filas, that raw does not offer a complete balance of all criteria in regards to a well balanced canine diet.

One kibble that is excellent is Orijen or Acana. These foods are not grain based, have the freshest of ingredients, and great protein sources.




If the above dry foods are not available or appropriate for your budget, there is a economical feed that is of good quality and suitable for the fila. This food is produced by Costco Wholesale Club chain and is produced under the name of Kirkland’s Dog Food. They have three formulas which are all sound with limited grains (rice alone) and no corn.

We fully support these feeds and use them in conjunction with each other in our nutrition program.


As hard as we try to provide a nutritionally complete diet for our beloved filas, it just is not possible to fill all the needs with one product. Nzymes BacPak Plus is a blend of live, viable, and naturally occurring microorganisms and digestive enzymes for pets of all ages. This unique micro-encapsulated blend helps to promote better digestion and improved assimilation of foods to optimize the health of the digestive tract and immune system. This process ensures that 95% of the viable bacteria reach the gastro-intestinal tract.


An alternative probiotic that is available at most farm / feed stores that is quite good and very affordable is OptiZyme. It is located in the equine section. A sprinkle on top of your dog’s food each day is sufficient to keep their systems more in balance. This equals approximately one teaspoon per day per dog.


Nyzmes Granules are a functional human grade food and a natural supplement. This concentrated “live” formula is designed to help replenish important enzymes lacking in today’s diets of over-cooked and pre-processed foods. This contributes to the body’s primary antioxidant support system and helps stimulate production of vital metabolic enzymes used to maintain many cellular functions. Combined, these factors help cleanse dangerous free radicals and toxins from the body.
Nzymes helps with the following:
Allergic reactions
Natural anti-inflammatory ~ so you can avoid risky medicines like Rimadyl or Deramaxx
Orthopedic problems ~ HOD, OCO, Pano, Wobblers, Hip Dysplasia, ACL
Epilepsy and Seizures - due to vaccine reactions
Vaccine reaction prevention
Cleanses residual toxins from medicines, flea and parasite preparations.
Boosting the immune system
Reduces shedding
Itchy ears
Yeast infections
Bladder infections
Hot spots
Reduces healing time from injury, surgery (cropping/bloat/c-sections)
Reduces recovery time from anesthesia.


This is an all natural mineral / vitamin supplement that was researched by a nutrition doctor. It is a completely holistic product which replaces the vitamins, minerals, and digestive enzymes that a dog does not get in through their normal diet. This comes in a liver based powder which when mixed with a small amount of water, makes a delicious gravy that your dog will love. This is the most complete as well as cost effective vitamin/mineral formula on the market today that is made from holistic ingredients. We highly recommend this product in the Joint Formula for all filas!!
Here is a sample listing of some of the ingredients found in the joint formula:

Glucosamine Complex MSM
Ester-C Chelated Mineral blend Kelp
Flax Seed Lecithin
Bee Pollen Yeast Culture
Garlic Lactobacillus Acidophilus
Calcium Citrate and much more….


Source Plus:

Depleted agricultural soils mean essential micronutrients are missing in even the finest dog foods. The SOURCE micronutrients are concentrated from seaweeds grown in nutrient-rich ocean waters. Careful selection, harvesting, and low temperature dehydration capture these nutrients at their peak. Source Plus concentrates the entire ocean's bounty and then adds other important natural ingredients to help young dogs grow strong and healthy and mature dogs feel their best. Dog owners' reports include superior glossy coats, healthy skin condition, successful breedings, and improved temperament and appetites. This has been pivotal in the health of our dogs!!


Oils/Omega Threes:

From the very beginning of our owning dogs, our dogs have always been fed salmon oil and cod liver oil in combination with our food program. We have found that these two essential oils are rich in Omega 3’s, keep our dogs coats and skin from becoming dry and flaky, are a rich source of minerals that is often lacking in our dogs diets, and they love the taste! Each dog gets approximately 1 ounce a day of both oils. Be sure to begin the cod liver oil very slowly and build slowly as this is very rich and could result in loose stools if too much is fed to quickly. A good beginning is ¼ oz for two days, ½ oz for three days, and ¾ oz for three days and then to the full one ounce.
This is a product that is often easily found in any pet store!

Raw Fruits/Veggies:

Here is a partial list of raw veggies which can be placed in a blender with some water and made into a puree to mix into your kibble a spoon at a time or so. For quick ease of use, simply mix up a batch, freeze in ice cube trays, pop out and store in a freezer bag until needed. Take out a few cubes a day and there you have wonderful fresh fruits and veggies for the dogs!
Celery Spinach Carrots Zucchini Cabbage
Apples Bananas Cranberries Coconut Sweet Potato

The only item I cook is the sweet potato. This is for ease of blending. I have several dogs that will eat a sweet potato raw much like a chew bone. Please note that raw potatoes become carcinogenic for dogs and are NOT recommended for feeding.

Raw Meat:

I caution you to be careful when choosing raw meat to give to your dogs. Often times the meat is from poor sources when sold for dogs. It is best to get human grade meat packaged in an FDA approved plant if you do not have access to a organic raw source which has met cleanliness certification standards. If you have difficulty obtaining a good meat source, I have listed below the packaged meats that are part of our nutrition program. Each type comes in a two pound package which can be frozen until ready to use.

BKH – 50% ground beef, 15% kidney, 35% heart
Veggie- 70% ground beef, 30% carrot, pea, green bean
Chicken-ground with bone
Whole ground rabbit
Turkey with bone
Breeders Choice
Natural Mix


To give you a succinct over view of our exact program this is how a typical feeding day will look…..

A.M. – Dry kibble, Nupro, Source Plus, Nzymes, BacPak Plus, frozen veggie cube, 1 raw organic egg, ½ oz cod liver oil, and 1/3 cup ground raw meat. Mix thoroughly and feed.

Noon – natural bones from our supplier

P.M. – Kibble, salmon oil, 1/3 c tepid water, frozen veggie cube, raw egg from our hens, ½ oz cod liver oil, and 1/3 cup ground raw meat. Mix thoroughly and feed.

Every third day is a raw day for our dogs and they get a variety of raw meat, organ meat, and raw meaty bones for their meals.

We have found the combination of raw and kibble has almost eradicated bloat within our kennel. Since beginning this feeding program we have not experienced any bloat in any of our dogs. It is our hopes/prayers that you will find the same great success as you implement this program with your beloved dogs.

It is our desire that in sharing this information with you, perhaps your dog will enjoy optimal health!!

Should you have any further questions concerning our nutrition program, education sites/resources, or health care, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to share what we learn with others.

Have a great fila day!!

Shawn & Katrina Waldrip
Sombra Ultrajante Filas


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